Johnny Depp might be older than Hilary Clinton’s underpants, but the dude still has the ladies purring for more.

A new poll has revealed that the wrinkly ole todger is the man most women would pick to kiss under the mistletoe.

2,000 British women were polled to find their dream man and Depp beat off competition from second rated hunk Channing Tatum. Nobody picked Donald Trump because his hair is made from candy floss and he smells like Oprah’s armpits.

Third place went to Bond star Daniel Craig. He’s a bit old and wrinkly as well so it seems like the ladies don’t mind a bit of DILF over the festive season.

The top 10 featured some other well known hunks. Ginger Clam has only slept with eight of them.

Bradley Cooper made an appearance, actor Tom Hardy and even footballer David Beckham got a nod. Brad Pitt hasn’t looked sexy since 1998 but he still managed a spot as well. Well done ole boy.

His grey pal George Clooney only made it to 14th.

Young guys clearly still have a lot to learn when it comes to magnetising the ladies. Ginger Clam plans to teach them a trick or two.

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