Zayn Malik has been hit by a s***storm on Twitter after One Direction fans reacted angrily to the release of a demo that he recorded with producer Naughty Boy.

A staggering 55,000 people have unfollowed the star on the micro-blogging site after the track hit the web on a music sharing site 48 hours ago.

Louis Tomlinson accused Naughty Boy of “trying to wind the fans up” after he tweeted a video saying “Zaughty will rise”, a reference to the fact he is working with Zayn.

Zayn quit One Direction last week and fans are now presumably angry that that he’s going in a different direction (excuse the pun). You can read more about the s***storm at Mail Online.

Here at Ginger Clam we’re still weeping (with laughter) at Zayn’s decision to throw in the towel on 1D at the grand old age of 22.

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