Warning, if you’re squeamish look away now! This one is not for the faint hearted.

San Francisco’s Josh Miramant puts the f**king extreme in extreme sports – Ginger Clam wants to lick his lollipop. As if cliff diving isn’t life threatening enough, Josh thought he would attach his parachute through his back piercings. Yup, you heard that right!

Josh had four 8mm hooks pierced through the skin of his back, walked 30 minutes up a mountain, jumped off a 377 foot cliff onto a beach and then had a beer. That’s some dude.

The little escapde happened in Ton Sai, Thailand. Wherever the buck that is.

The normal person would be praying for an injury-free cliff dive, but Josh gave a giant ‘f**k you’ to the health and safety regulations of cliff diving… although we’re pretty sure they don’t exist.

It was reported on BARCROFT TV that Josh felt no pain because of the adrenaline rush. Let’s hope that rush was extended for as long as possible because his back now looks seriously f**ked up.

Check out the gruesome footage below and for more footage head to battlecam.com

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