Tennis bad boy Nick Kyrgios, 20, has sparked controversy after bad-mouthing his opponent Stanislas Wawrinka, 30, in astonishing fashion at the Montreal Masters.

Both players were reportedly exchanging heated words, but Kyrgios took it a step too far by telling Wawrinka that his girlfriend slept with another tennis player! Clam likes his style!

“Kokkinakis banged your girlfriend,” Kyrgios called over the net. “Sorry to tell you that, mate.”

Sounds like the cheeky little f**k was trying to make a name for himself, either that or he’s having major struggles adapting to puberty.

Warwinka went straight to Twitter to express how much of a tool he thinks Kygrios is. He wrote: ‘What was said I wouldn’t say to my worst enemy. To stop (stoop) so low is not only unacceptable, but also beyond belief.’

The world is apparently still waiting to hear an apology from Kyrgios. Clam thinks he should just bend over and let Wawrinka get proper revenge.

The Mirror reported that Kyrgios has turned to former Wimbledon champion Lleyton Hewitt for guidance in his career, but apparently it’s too late… which is incredible considering the naughty boy is only 20.

Warwinka also said: “I hope the governing body of this sport does not stand for this and stands up for the integrity of this sport we have worked so hard to build.”

We’re with you buddy, let’s make sure that Kyrgios’s mouth and your girlfriend’s legs stay closed.

Watch the incident below.

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