One of the nice things about children is their naivety. One father, however, decided to use this against his own son – by fooling the kid into thinking he’d chopped off his pop’s hand.

It might not win him a Dad of the Year award – but hey, the kid wasn’t harmed and the clip has now taken the internet by storm.

Equipped with a fake hand, the father made his son touch his arm with a toy saw, and to the child’s surprise the hand falls off onto the floor.

Whereas it is pretty obvious to an adult that the hand is fake, the young child cannot believe his eyes. The confused kid jumps back and screams, clearly not knowing how to react to what just happened.

The bizarre clip is now doing the rounds on social media – watch it below.

Meanwhile if you like crazy shit then head to – the anti-social site where there are live stunts and thousands of mad videos.

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