Addison Rae’s father, Monty Lopez, is the latest member of their family to be making digital headlines, but not in a positive way. He has found success  in the crypto and NFT market lately, but he made a grave mistake recently that all NFT holders fear: he destroyed one of his rare NFTs forever when he tried to transfer it into a digital wallet.

Lopez shared the news while he was leaving the West Hollywood restaurant Craig’s on Thursday night. The NFT’s destruction came after he was one of the first to mint an OUSE Token mansion, a luxury real estate NFT project that allows holders to mint digital versions of actual real estate in Los Angeles.

The father of the famous TikTok star revealed that he destroyed his NFT forever by transferring it to a digital wallet that doesn’t exist, an action which is called burning in the crypto community. His digital mansion was sent to an address that nobody has control over, so it has therefore been forever removed from circulation.

Lopez’s Ouse Token NFT was a one-of-a-kind piece of virtual real estate minted on the Binance Smart Chain. It was one of the first Ouse Token mansions in the collection, which features 25 homes.

The burning of Lopez’s Ouse Token NFT comes after he told a photographer that he was a victim of a hack on the popular NFT platform, OpenSea. Over $40,000 of digital assets were stolen during the hack.

Despite his loss, Rae’s father still has the option to buy  other NFTs that are currently for sale on Ouse Token’s proprietary marketplace, Ousetoken.

OUSE Token was created by celebrity realtor and television producer, Tai Savet, who also created VH1’s ‘Love & Listings’ and owns Agents of LA real estate brokerage. OUSE Token has crafted a celebrity-driven NFT marketplace that’s based on virtual real estate in the metaverse.

The momentum behind the Ouse Token project and Lopez’s powerful influence make Ouse Token NFTs an attractive virtual real estate option. In the future, Ouse Token plans to bridge the gap between virtual and physical real estate by utilizing NFT blockchain technology.

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