If you love EastEnders then make sure you tune in all this week – because rumour is that the fireworks come early as Danny Dyer’s character Mick finally confronts his wife Linda over what’s been bothering her.

Linda  (played by Kellie Bright) is full of all her usual excuses, but Mick refuses to believe her – so sooner or later he’s bound to discover the truth about the traumatic rape that she suffered at the hands of Dean Wicks (played by Matt Di Angelo).

All About Soap reports: “Mick’s determined to get to the bottom of Linda’s problems on November 4, when he confronts his missus and pleads with her to spill the beans about what’s bothering her.

“Linda tries to persuade worried Mick that she’s fine, and even says she just feels guilty about hitting Dexter, but he’s not buying it (at last!). Instead, he tells her that he wants her to go and see a doctor.”

It’ll be a while before Mick learns the full truth, so there’s plenty more twists and turns to come. You can watch EastEnders at 7:30pm UK-time via BBC1 (below) at www.FilmOn.com – where there are hundreds of free channels to choose from.

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