Strictly Come Dancing star Claudia Winkleman has been keeping a vigil at her daughter Matilda’s hospital bedside after the eight-year-old child suffered serious burns in a freak Halloween accident, it was reported this morning.

The distraught BBC presenter suffered every parent’s worst nightmare when a candle set light to Matilda’s party dress while she as out trick-or-treating on Friday night.

The star’s nanny is quoted in today’s The Sun as saying: “Claudia was very worried. She is at the hospital, she hasn’t left her side.”

Claudia, who is married to film director Kris Thykier, is expected to take time off from this weekend’s Strictly Come Dancing in order to continue to care for Matilda, who is said to be heavily bandaged.

The couple have issued a statement saying they are hopeful that Matilda will make a full recovery. The accident led to Claudia pulling out of last week’s Strictly show, which was co-hosted by stand-in Zoe Ball.

A source told The Sun: “Claudia was trick-or-treating with her daughter when the accident occurred. It was utterly horrifying for her. This is one thing no mother wants to go through.”

Meanwhile fans have been quick to send messages of support to on Twitter to Claudia, pictured at the top of this page with co-star Tess Daly (on right). “So sorry to learn that Claudia Winkleman’s daughter  is in hospital with serious burns,” wrote one tweeter.

* Zoe Ball will again fill in for Claudia on this week’s Strictly shows, which you can watch on BBC1 (below) at

You can read more about Claudia in The Guardian

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