This week, the nominees for the Billboard Music Awards were announced, leaving us both disappointed and confused.

Instead of breaking it down into separate awards categories, we’ll go with entire genres to make things a little bit easier.

First up, why wasn’t Kendrick Lamar nominated for anything? We never doubted the talent of other nominees in the rap and R&B categories like EminemBeyonce or Pharrell, but we’re sick of seeing Macklemore and Ryan Lewis or Robin Thicke being nominated for awards they don’t deserve, while Lamar and his king-sized talent get left out in the cold.

With nominees like Lorde and Imagine Dragons in the Top Rock Artist category, we’re also beginning to wonder if Billboard actually knows what rock music is. This leads us to wonder if it’s the categories themselves that are incredibly outdated and maybe this is where the problem lies. With only a handful of true rock performers on the charts these days it would probably be best to do away with the rock category and break it down into a few more specific genres – and do away with meaningless categories like Top Streaming Artist or Top Social Artist.

And now we have just two final questions. Why is Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas nominated for the Top Country Album award, and if Various Artists: WOW Hits 2014 wins the Top Christian Album award, who gets to keep the trophy at their house?

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