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Willie Robertson, son of the Duck Dynasty clan, has found a new best friend in One Direction’s Liam Payne who recently tweeted kudos to robertson for sticking to “family values.”

Saturday, Payne tweeted to Robertson something that has brought an immense amount of hate from not only fans, but also many in the LGBT community.

All of this follows Duck Dynasty father, Phil Robertson’s, GQ profile that got him temporarily suspended from the show for denouncing gays in the name of the Bible. Out of those upset by Payne’s tweet, YouTube personality and LGBT activist Tyler Oakley may be the most notable, primarily due to his undying love for the boy band. Many others, like other YouTube personality Neil McNeil, have noted that the group has a large gay fan base who were more than likely alienated by Payne’s comment.

While Payne seemed to only be congratulating the family for sticking to their beliefs in the face of controversy, the boy band member brought a whole mess of controversy on himself once fans and major news sources got ahold of the tweet. Not to worry though, Little Pop Star, the man you intended to talk to in the first place has got your back.

Willie Robertson responded to Payne the next day with what may be the best thing we’ve seen on the internet this week.

That’s right Liam. Stay strong! It’s only another five minutes before a new controversy pushes yours out of the spotlight.

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