Released only a few days ago to an alternately loud and critical or simply speechless public, the brand-new video for “Achy Breaky 2” has people scratching their heads in complete confusion: is Dad trying to be “cool” like his daughter or is this video simply an off-the-wall show of support?

As Buck 22 tells it, he had been trying to get Billy Ray Cyrus into the studio to remake 1992’s “Achy Breaky Heart” for some time. Mr. 22 (real name: Damon Elliot), the son of vocal legend Dionne Warwick and musician/actor Bill Elliot, took advantage of the fact that Miley’s sire was willing to duet with his mom, and, while they were hanging at Jamie Foxx’s studio he casually mentioned his “Achy Breaky Heart” remake dream, neglecting to inform Mr. Cyrus of the fact that he had already created a track. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Interestingly enough, within the song, the title to Miley Cyrus’ hit “Wrecking Ball” can quite clearly be heard. The way Buck 22’s story goes, he caught that while they were recording and Billy Ray was watching Miley on an awards show, making this song almost a combination piece. Billy Ray is as much using his daughter’s work to add to this song’s “bump and flow” as she used the original “Achy Breaky Heart” to make a name for herself. Without that song, it’s unlikely we would really know the tongue of Ms. Miley, either literally or figuratively, and without that yell…well, no “Achy Breaky 2.”

One question remains: is this video a case of daddy “rocking out” and trying to support Miley, be it right or be it wrong? Clearly Miley has had a goodly amount of media criticism leveled at her over the last year in regards to her use of twerking and the way in which race has played a part in her performance style. Perhaps, by reappropriating “Achy Breaky Heart” into a hip-hop song and turning the video into what some might consider a more eclectic rendition, Billy Ray is trying to redefine perceptions about his daughter.

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The song itself has already been noted as the “worst song of 2014” (seeing as it’s only February, that’s a pretty strong statement) but the visual work is clearly Miley-inspired. Whether Billy Ray is being a good papa and standing up for his daughter or looking to swing in on what’s left of her “wrecking ball” is left to be seen, let alone the success of those efforts. On the other hand, who doesn’t love a Larry King intro?

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