You know you’re from the East Coast when you can tell the difference between hail and freezing rain — especially after this winter, which has provided plenty of opportunities to categorize all kinds of precipitation Mother Nature has thrown at us.

But in just the last few days, it’s gotten worse than ever — icy roads and a lovely mix of rain and sleet are starting to make people wonder why they live there in the first place.

Out of solidarity, desperation or maybe just boredom, many East Coasters and even those in Middle America have taken to Twitter, posting visual weather updates along with personal feelings about the frozen stuff covering the roads. Unlike those angelic, snow-covered-forest post card photos, this isn’t pretty.

It always works out that way, doesn’t it?

Numerous public transportation schedules have been interrupted.

And it’s so hard to post this stuff on the internet!

Not to mention the freak snow that caused traffic snarls of The Walking Dead proportion in Georgia.

And the mid-west called the East Coast a bunch of babies.

Does anyone even like this stuff?

  British actor Jassa Ahluwalia isn’t the only one perplexed by the deluge of snow.

Considering there’s a drought on the West Coast and a blizzard on the East, we’re thinking someone should find a way to solve both problems.

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