Aaw, our fave little criminal, itsy bitsy Bieber, has clearly got secret appeal that Ginger Clam has overlooked.

Reports suggest that Selena Gomez has fallen back into the tiny arms of the badboy of pop.

The on-again, off-again, who-gives-a-f**k again duo were spotted sharing a romantic meal at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills last night.

TMZ reports the pair then got into the same car and drove to Gomez’s West Hollywood hotel.

Amusingly, Bieber and Gomez have bounced in and out of a relationship more often than JB has been bounced in and out of police custody. Four years is a long time to play games.

Clam suggests that Bonzai spends more time listening to Beyoncé and ‘puts a ring on it’, rather than just tampering with Selena’s ring. Be a good little boy, for once, Justy babes.

To be fair, Selina has been keeping herself busy since her last bout of Bieberitis. She was recently pictured holding hands with DJ Zedd. Presumably the words least famous DJ wasn’t up to the standards of JB and his private jet.

Ginger Clam wishes the best for the newly rekindled couple. Wait until Justy hits puberty, then Selena is in for a really confusing time. It’ll either be wedding bells or goodbyes.

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