A woman in China has been convicted of assaulting a policeman with her boob (yes, just the one) and the public are not happy with it.

The 30 year old woman was sentenced to three and a half months behind bars after the incident that happened during a protest.

According to the victim, Ng Lai-ying, an officer grabbed her boob when he was trying to get hold of her bag. However, the court found Lai-ying guilty of bumping the officer’s arm with one of her milk bubbles.

They also stated that she had “used her female identity to trump up the allegations that the officer had molested her”.

As a result of this, activist in Hong Kong gathered outside the police headquarters wearing bras and chanting: “Breasts are not weapons. Give us back our breast freedom!”

This whole incidenct has brought a new dimension to Clam’s favourite chat-up line “do you need a license for those?”

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