Paul Rudd has established himself as one of the funniest guys in Hollywood – and in an interview for his latest movie Ant-Man he lived up to his reputation.

News Feed presenter Erin Robinson must have been delighted when she was told that she would be interviewing Marvel’s latest superhero, but it’s safe to say the interview didn’t go as planned.

As Rudd is settling down in his seat it is clear that his outfit and the leather chair are causing a bit of friction – and he is quick to take credit for what sounds like a couple of farts.

The interviewer jokes back at him saying: “I’m sure, you just came back from lunch, I got it”.

That’s enough to set Ant-Man off on a monster-sized streak of faux farts that lasts for the duration of the interview. By pulling awkward faces and creating constant sounds of bum-grunts, Rudd tries his best to distract the interviewer.

In fact he even states: “Should we see if we can do this whole interview without you even getting out one question?”

Watch the priceless interview below.

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