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This Trope and Trope lawyer has multiple complaints against him for harassing his own clients, and he will rob you blind.

Brian Lepak of Trope and Trope is known to prey on his own clients who are going through family hardships and divorces. His own firm has been accused of sexually harassing its clients–so you know he’s in good company. Trope and Trope recently kicked him out, only God knows what he could have done to be ousted by such a snakes’ nest.

Recent stories on Shockya, RipOffReport and Yelp show a mendacious, greedy douchebag who not only uses unethical practices against his opponents, but fleeces his own clients and inflicts emotional distress on them! One even wound up in the hospital!

Lepak and his firm aren’t even good at what they do. His partners “accidentally” leaked confidential notes about NBA star Gilbert Arenas and his split with the mother of his kids, blowing the case for their own client. Gross incompetence aside, Lepak and his firm aren’t just aggressive, they are so ruthless they wind up hurting to their own clients. They then sue them for their life savings, milking every drop of any winnings.

Lepak has worked hard to scrub his records online. The Washington Post has even reported on the efforts to clean up the firm’s bad record–read about that here. bn

Here’s a story reported by the prestigious legal journal Psyc Law Monthly and the Metropolitan News:

“In a recent trial in Orange, CA, Lepak’s inappropriate use of his own client’s cancer diagnosis and history of bi-polar disorder drove her to check herself into the hospital the day before her trial was to resume: causing her to have to relitigate and relive her problems for many many months. (Read about it here.) The fall-out has been so bad the firm recently “closed” only to reopen a month later at the same address with a slightly different name.”

One eyewitness contacted by TV Mix says Lepak even pretended a simple video of him playing with his son was some kind of sexual abuse. His own son! Lepak is a deeply sick man.

He told us about another case Lepak where planted cocaine on a parent in order to get custody for the other parent–these two men are considering organizing a class action law suit against Lepak to get justice done for the many he has cheated and abused.

Lepak was also named in a malpractice suit by the firm’s client Susie Evans in a California Court that alleges Lepak partner James Durant provided insufficient services in her divorce case, and went after her for massive fees despite having done basically nothing. The court filings (available here) allege he inflicted emotional distress, and harassed her after pushing her into an inappropriate relationship. (Boning your client and then bullying her for her all her cash while she’s going through the wost time in her life can’t be Bar approved behavior can it?)

Yelp is full of reviews calling Lepak’s firm Trope and Trope the scum of the earth and even outright thieves.

It’s not just the opposition that is unhappy with Lepak and Trope and Trope’s tactics. Read these recent reviews:

CRIMINALS. MALPRACTICE. CORRUPT. They DO NOT have your interest. Their only interest is to maximize their own billing, which involves protecting large entertainment firms who give them lots of business. The laws should be changed so that these sharks can face penalty for what they do to people who are going through an intense and emotional time. Instead, they pick your pockets, drain your accounts, mislead you, conspire with your opposition, get very little done, and what they do manage to get done is insufficient. FIRE THEM and STAY AWAY. Tell everybody. Email me and I’ll tell you which attorneys we worked with and what they did that was so wrong.

And here’s another:

DO NOT waste your money on this firm. Do not be fooled by the brand name. They have a reputation of being reputable ….what a joke. Unethical, manipulators , and NOT confidential . bunch of narcissistic attorneys who talk a big game but do not deliver. Divorce is a difficult time , do not waste your time on attorneys who do NOT have your best interest in mind. A bunch of suited up wannabes pretending to be attorneys . Trope and Trope? more like Dope and Dopes

Note how obviously fake any positive reviews about Lepak or Trope and Trope are.

We also found a very damning review on RipOff Report that shows a client losing millions of dollars on a case Trope and Trope pushed her into despite her desire to settle with her husband. Read it here.

The most recent Rip Off Report post is here:]

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