Joseph Chora is a Los Angeles-based debt collector. His law firm Chora Young is a couple of guys and a temp secretary, working dodgy-looking judgment orders using even more unscrupulous methods of ravaging people’s lives, literarily by hook or by crook.

Chora’s giddyap is to work within a ring of criminal lawyers, including now-disgraced Attorneys Tom Girardi and Lisa Bloom.

Tom Girardi whose recent unraveling has opened up a whole host of snake pits and buried skeletons in the California legislature.

The Bribing of former State’s Attorney General, Kamala Harris,

Chief Justice George of California; Or now disgraced head of the State Bar of California, Joe Dunn.

Choras’ jaw dropping similarity to Uday Hussein dovetails with a shared moral compass

Girardi’s Scam Inc. is a decades-old LA crime syndicate running several extortions, blackmailing and racketeering operations, abusing the Civil Court System in cahoots with other criminals including the Former LA (Just got out of jail) Sherrif Leroy Baca and his utterly corrupted Sherrif’s Department which was found guilty by the Feds of running illegal auctions of private property including the reselling of impounded Drugs and other illicit stuff.


This is just a small part of the money-laundering scheme that stretches from LA all the way to Mongolia and Macau, China.

LA Police Chief Baca’s deputy Paul Tanaka just went down for five years of prison. See if he squeals to the Feds.

And Chora is right there in the middle of it all, using the most unscrupulous methods to harass his victims.

Chora’s MO is to apply so much pressure that when the questions have been answered in full, many times over; Chora’s methods are to direct a dodgy Girardi Judge to make a dodgy order of fines and punishments based on fabricated complaints.

Just imagine if that the State’s legislature was corrupted by the same perpetrators, Girardi and his henchmen at the State Bar, Leyton, and Noonan. Perverting the course of justice throughout California’s Courthouses and all the important State Bar and State Bar Association Groups.

Imagine if that same guy (Girardi) infected his way to the top. Tom Girardi was until recently, and publicly known as Governor Gavin Newsom’s biggest financial contributor.

Chora has had his dirty hands in many corrupt lawsuits. From the lowliest court official to Joe Dunn, the head of the State Bar of California. Chora’s techniques know no bounds of unethical practices have earned him a place in the giant A-Holes of the Week on TVMix.

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