A man whose face is completely covered in tattoos has had a TV appearance in the UK scrapped – after having parts of his ears removed in a bid to enhance his looks.

Fans of FilmOn’s social site BattleCam.com are used to seeing clips of weird and wonderful people letting rip at each other – but this one has got us scratching our heads in disbelief.

Meet Britain’s most tattooed man, a colourful dude who’s changed his name to the King of Ink Land as a way of celebrating his devotion to body modification.

The tattoo fan, who also uses the handle TattooedRambler, is completely covered in body art and he’s even has one of his EYES injected with ink.

According to a commentator on BattleCam: “After having his ears cut off in what may be the dumbest body modification ever, TattooedRambler loses a TV gig and blames, insults, then fires his manager.”

Yup it seems that all is not well in the Land of Ink – so the dude went into a meltdown on BattleCam to complain.

It sure beats the s*** out of watching re-runs of Oprah!

Watch the clip (contains strong language) – and for more crazy footage head to BattleCam.com.

You can also watch live TV free on the web at FilmOn.com, where there are hundreds of great channels to choose from. You can also scroll down to see a photo of the trimmed down ears which were posted on Twitter.


BELOW: An image posted on twitter by the King of Ink Land



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