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Failing upwards seems like common practice in the corporate world, but if the cause and effect are remotely proportional, Comcast has screwed up royally.

One day before the company’s executives appeared in front of a Senate Judiciary Committee to plead a case for their planned merger with Time Warner, website Consumerist named Comcast the worst company in America for 2014.

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After winning the dubious honor in 2010, Comcast prevailed against its biggest competition, chemical and biotechnology company Monsanto, by a voting margin of three percent.

Meanwhile, Comcast and Time Warner filed joint FCC applications for their merger, which is available as a 180-page Public Interest Statement or via a blog post from Comcast Executive Vice President David Cohen. The statement details the reasons for the merger, and explains why and how it will be beneficial to consumers and competitors alike.

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Additionally, the blog post reveals its immediate impact on consumers, such as automatically placing Time Warner customers under the rules of the agreement Comcast made when it acquired NBC. It will also allegedly offer them better technology, more services and more options.

Meanwhile, a significant component of the companies’ arguments revolve around the notion that the companies don’t currently compete in the coverage areas that will be affected. But The New York Times noted that disparity is primarily a result of government-granted local monopolies in TV, which may be affected in ways not yet clear.

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In Consumerist’s competition, Comcast takes the championship from two-time winners EA, making it the second company to claim multiple wins.

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