Have you ever laid in bed at night, fantasising about Cristiano Ronaldo featuring in ‘Grand Theft Auto V’? Well if you have, then your very niche fantasy has just become reality.

This YouTube video is the dog’s nuts and gets a Ginger Clam thumbs up.

Some techy little geek has gone through the graft of editing FIFA Ballon d’Or winner Ronaldo into the video game.

The Real Madrid footballer does feature on FIFA so the hardest part was already completed, but whoever combined the two games still did a pretty good job.

The clip sees the Ronaldo kick a football at a motorcyclist, get a fresh new haircut, scare people on the beach with his signature celebration, rob & pimp up a supercar, and do something the vain bastard must be very used to- talking selfies.

The creator must have also read up on Cristiano’s love life as the superstar attends a strip club, something his ex, Irina Shayk, probably wouldn’t have allowed him to do before their break-up.

Ronald’s famously big ego will no doubt enjoy this little piece of madness.


Watch the video below. Meanwhile, go to FilmOn.com for hundreds of online TV channels.

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