Well this dude got to live out every guys dream!

In case you missed it Miami reporter Chris Van Vliet, 32, had the interview of a lifetime a few days ago, where he was hit on by stars of the new chick flick ‘How To Be Single’Dakota Johnson, 26 and Leslie Mann, 43.

Chris was more than happy to reveal a bit of skin after the Hollywood babes told him start undressing… To be honest we’re a little surprised he didn’t chance it and rip everything off!

Leslie appeared to be uncontrollable in front of the bachelor, shouting: “You guys, look, Hot guy!” Someone needs to take a cold shower.

Unfortunately the light hearted fun has caused a media shit storm, Piers Morgan tweeted:

“@piersmorgan: Women find this funny. So do I. But if Chris Gayle did it, there would be outrage. Just utter hypocrisy.” (We assume he was referring to the time that West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle was fined after asking a female reporter out on a date.

We think the world needs to lighten up, noting wrong with a bit of flirting!

*Watch the hilarious video below and in the meantime log onto FilmOn.com where there are hundreds of free TV channels to choose from. 

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