Bobsleighing and ski jumping are adrenaline-filled activities when done while using traditional equipment, which of course would be skis and a bobsleigh … but why be so boring? At least that’s what extreme sports superstar Robbie ‘Robbo’ Maddison thought.

In a crazy video the Australian stunt rider decided to take a trip to the awesome facilities that were used during the 2002 winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City.

Robbo, a stunt rider who filled-in for James Bond actor Daniel Craig on Skyfall, begins the video by speeding through a bobsleigh track with ease, then he sets off on a world record-breaking jump of a jaw-dropping 114 metres!

You can watch the amazing stunt in the video player below, featuring stunning slow motion footage of the action.

Maddison has previously jumped the Tower Bridge in London six months after he leaped up 96 foot into the sky before landing on a scaled down replica of the Arc de Triomphe in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile if you love watching breath-taking footage, you’ll love – where there are hundreds of free TV channels to choose from including a wh0le channel called X-Treme, which is dedicated to extreme sports (see 2nd video player at the the bottom of this page)

If you want to read more about Robbie,  check out the The Telegraph in the UK.

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Meanwhile, check out the extreme channel below (or go to for hundreds of other choices)


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