It’s official – Kim Kardashian’s butt is now the most talked about peach on the planet. The 34-year-old reality star caused the internet stampede she hoped for by revealing photos of her well-oiled derriere in Paper magazine.

Meanwhile expect a new avalanche of attention after more images were unveiled over night which show Kim also showing off what TMZ euphemistically refers to as the ‘whole enchilada.’ Yes, Kim’s gone all the way and posed full frontal while bursting out of dress.


Some might say it’s nothing that we haven’t seen before in the star’s infamous sex tape, but here at Ginger Clam on TV Mix we’ve resisted the urge to post the uncensored images in case you are browsing at work.

The photos have sparked a flurry of hilarious spoofs on Twitter, including one which shows Kardashian transformed into a centaur, complete with a horse’s rump. Another shows a well known politician parking his bicycle between Kim’s cheeks.kim7


It’s certainly got everyone talking. Even the mighty USA Today has got in on the act by covering the story on its website.

Meanwhile, spare a thought for the computer hackers of the world.  Think of it, you’re a nerd who’s spent the majority of your life creating computer viruses designed to either slow down or break the internet.

You do you’re best but just can’t make it happen. Anyway, said hacker wakes this morning to find the internet is running slow, very slow, is it one of your buddies?

One of your competitors? The Chinese government boffins that work in that little building waging tech war against the western world? What clever programming was used? What’s the name of this new virus?

Yup, it’s Kim’s ass. She may not have broken the internet but she came closer than the hackers!

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The original Kim images, taken by top photographer Jean-Paul Goude, are available to view at Meanwhile, if you’re wondering who Ginger Clam is, she’s TV Mix’s new gossip queen, symbolized by the cartoon character who we’ve placed on Kim’s bottom!


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