Elon Musk has shared a big idea about how to bring massive changes to the way Twitter headquarters operates in its home-base city of San Francisco. After the SpaceX founder purchased a 9.2% stake in the social media platform last Monday, April 4, he immediately promised to make ‘significant improvements to the biased company in the coming months.

One of Musk’s leading suggestions is convert Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco into a homeless shelter since many employees don’t go into the office to work anymore. He tweeted out a poll asking if the public agreed with his suggestion, and he received overwhelming support; 91.4% of people who responded said yes to his question.

Just to be clear of his intentions, Musk later tweeted that he was serious about his proposed idea.

Twitter’s Chief Executive Officer, Parag Agrawal, announced last Tuesday, April 5 that the company decided to appoint Musk to its Board of Directors. The entrepreneur signed on to serve as a Class II Director, a move Agrawal showed his support for when he tweeted: “He would bring great value to our Board.

“I’m excited to share that we’re appointing @elonmusk to our board! Through conversations with Elon in recent weeks, it became clear to us that he would bring great value to our Board,” the social media platform’s CEO expressed in his tweet.

In response, Musk said: “Looking forward to working with Parag & Twitter board to make significant improvements to Twitter in coming months!”

However, after the duo initially expressed their anticipation of working together on Twitter’s Board of Directors, Agrawal revealed late last night in a tweet that Musk ultimately decided to step back from the job. In the tweet, the social media platform’s CEO went on to say that after many discussions with Musk and his fellow board members, the Tesla CEO decided not  to take a seat on Twitter’s board.

Agrawal added that Musk will remain the platform’s biggest shareholder, however, so the board will remain open to his input. The tweet ended with Twitter’s CEO emphasizing that everyone’s goals and priorities for the company remain the same.

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