Elton ‘older than sand’ John might be 147 years old but the ole todger certainly knows how to throw a party.

Thousands of excited fans hit the street on Sunset Strip last night as the wiggy wonder rolled his piano out for an impromptu concert.

If one loony wasn’t enough, Elton decided to surprise fans by wheeling out Lady ‘banana short of a fruit salad’ Gaga as well.

The odd duo gave a turbo-charged performance and medics only had to restart Elton’s prehistoric heart six times during the show.

Perhaps wary of any overhead seagulls, Gaga had decided to leave her meat costume at home. But she had some fish knickers on instead. She also had her nipples dipped in cheese. Probably.

The surprise gig was put on by Elton’s AIDS Foundation. It was truly a warm-up show for EJ’s stellar Oscar bash this evening. The tubby little piano player always hosts the best Oscar party in Hollywood. Last year Ginger Clam got caught beating off Jean-Claude Van Damme in the pantry while Oprah smashed up Elton’s piano with her tits. What fun we had.

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