Recent reports detailing insider fears that the mighty Kardashian brand is losing its sheen might just be justified.

Emperor of all things Kardashian, Momma Jenner, ended up looking like a puppy had pissed in her handbag last night. Jenner hit the stage to present Culture Club onto the stage at a gig in LA. However, the crowd soon decided to let her know that she was as welcome as a fart in a lift.

As the reality star started to speak the audience started to boo and jeer. Ginger Clam was backstage snogging Boy George and it really spoilt the tongue action. The boos got so loud that organisers had to order cheap meridia

The audience backlash is an interesting social barometer because Kardashian Queen / King / Mangina Master Brucey-Caitlyn Jenner presented Culture Club at the same spot last year… and she was warmly received by the crowd.

An embarrassed Kris made no reference to the humiliating incident on Twitter. Instead, Boy George tweeted:

‘@KrisJenner Thank you so much for introducing us tonight! I loved that our outfits didn’t clash! You’re the party that rocks the party!’

Nope, Boy George, she’s the old bird that everyone boos.

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