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It’s finally safe to turn off your Bat-Signal. After weeks of anticipation, Fox has answered the call and launched the website for its new Batman series, Gotham.

The website features the show’s official logo, cast members, and a detailed synopsis of the storyline. Actually, it’s more of a play-by-play of the entire storyline with Fox’s hopes and dreams for the show sprinkled in.

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The show centers on Commissioner Gordon (played by former O.C. and Southland actor Brian McKenzie), back when he was still just “Jim Gordon.” We’ll see his start in the Gotham Police Department and budding bromance with a petite Bruce Wayne (played by David Mazouz).

So grab a cup of coffee and sit your ass down. You’ve got some studying to do. Unless you’re okay with being outdone by one of your Batfriends. Or Batkid. Again.

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Filming is scheduled to start next week in New York City. That gives you the weekend to read up, get the logo tattooed on your face, and start nagging Mom for a plane ticket to the Big Apple. Surely she’ll understand that you could use the boost in nerd credibility and that you can’t Instagram production pictures from home.

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