As far as pranks go, they don’t come much sicker than this. Vitalyzd TV have stepped it up for Halloween with an absolutely gruesome hoax.

Their latest prank video stars disabled actor Nick Santonastasso who plays the victim of a chainsaw massacre taking place in a parking garage.

Nick was born with Hanhart syndrome, a rare medical condition that left him with no legs and an undeveloped right arm. You can read more about Nick at Today News.

In the latest video,  unsuspecting targets walk to get their cars, Nick comes crawling along the floor covered in blood. Moments later a man dressed in a blood stained apron appears…carrying a chainsaw.

To say the victims crap themselves would be an understatement and you can’t blame them because the prank is perfectly executed.

The most grotesque part of the video has to be when Nick is hung up in a doorway with ‘intestines’ hanging down whilst the “killer” appears to have his chainsaw well and truly tangled up inside his guts.

The prank has had massive success online, racking up around 30 million views in the first two weeks of it being published on YouTube.

Warning: the video is very gory, but remember it’s only make-up.

Watch it below, and for more clips go to – and you might also like to check out for hundreds of free TV channels.

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PS: If you are wondering who the cute cartoon character is on our main photo, it’s Ginger Clam – TV Mix’s gossip and social media columnist!



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