Jon Favreau, it seems, does not make a wrong move in the treacherous world of showbiz.

Favreau is a man of many hats, including actor, writer, producer and director. He started in the indie world, first with his best buddy Vince Vaughn in the hit Swingers, then Made, followed by helming mega popcorn flicks such as Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Cowboys and Aliens. He hits a five-star rating with his latest film, Chef, which recently opened wide to rave reviews and top notch box office.

Favreau portrays Carl Casper, a noted L.A. chef whose creativity is stifled by his restaurateur boss, played perfectly – natch – by Dustin Hoffman. Casper then finds himself at a fork in his cooking road. What ensues is a story of adventure, faith, hope, honesty, fun, clever quippy dialogue, mouth-watering food shots and pure entertainment.

Favreau smartly surrounds himself with a killer cast, including John Leguizamo as his loyal sidekick, Oliver Platt as a fussy critic, Scarlett Johansson, Amy Sedaris and a hilarious cameo by Robert Downey Jr. A special shout out to Emjay Anthony, who plays Casper’s son Percy, and whom every attendee at my screening wanted to adopt by the end of the movie. This kid will no doubt be a major star. Another standout? Boardwalk Empire’s Bobby Cannavale. Really, is Bobby ever not totally terrific in every part he plays?

Favreau is a big bear of a guy, with charm, warmth and humor oozing out of his every pore. His Carl struggles, but we love him in every frame. Adding to this A-list cast is Sofia Vergara, who with her lovely portrayal of his ex-wife Inez, coupled with her totally fun turn as the sex-starved socialite in the recent John Turturro/Woody Allen film Fading Gigolo, is proving to film audiences that her acting chops go way beyond her gorgeous Colombian sexpot Gloria on ABC’s mega hit Modern Family.

Chef, amongst the L.A. set and now nationwide, is getting raves from all. Watch this become the first film of 2015 to be talked about for the Oscars. Just be ready to head to an eatery after seeing this movie, as the film’s food shots – food porn, really – are beyond mouth-watering. Thankfully for movie audiences, this glorious film just adds to Favreau’s growing prestigious film trail.

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