Ginger Clam hasn’t been this happy since cutting Bono’s break cord just before his recent bike ‘accident’. After years of unrequited love, it looks like Clam is about to get her man… Hasselhoff and his lover seem headed for Splitsville! Wahey!

It seems that his prime Welsh tart, Hayley Roberts, has finally added up the figures and realised that she is 87 years younger than him.

In an interview with the Daily Mail this weekend, heartbroken Hoff took off his t-shirt and admitted:

“To be honest, the reason I haven’t got married yet is because I know it’s not going to be a perfect relationship. We’re not going to grow old together, let’s face it.

Sometimes I think I love her enough to say, ‘Go and find a man of your age and have a life. We had a great time and we love each other but…’. That would be horrible and it would probably take years to get over.

We split up before, a long time ago, and I was sick”.

You won’t be sick this time Hoffmeister, Ginger Clam will be sitting on your knee suckling your Baywatch manboobs. You lucky slab of hairy meat.

Meanwhile, the Hoff’s daughter Taylor Ann has claimed that she will only get her kit off for Playboy if her dad gives his approval.

The 25-year-old said that she would do naked pics but only if they were done “in a classy way with a strong reason”. Translation = if she’s offered enough $$$.

Two for the price of one. It is great news, Ginger Clam is now looking forward to having a naked Hasselhoff sandwich. Yum yum yum.

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