There was a time when musicians campaigned to change the world. Remember John Lennon calling for us to give peace a chance or the Sex Pistols demanding anarchy?

Well these days it seems it’s all changed, at least if you go by One Direction’s latest ‘revelations’ in their big pre-Christmas interview.

The boys seemed more interested in discussing burping and farting than anything else when they sat down with a newspaper ahead of their appearance on the UK’s X Factor final this weekend.

Probing questions asked by Metro included: “Who is the worst for farting on the tour bus?”

The conversation then went as follows:

Liam: To be fair, Niall, you do just let rip at random occasions. And they are proud farts. They are not quiet ones. They are not smelly. But they are musical.

Zayn: The farts used to be worse, but now they are calmer.

Liam: Did you know that Niall can’t burp?

Niall: Yes. That’s something people don’t know about me. I had cholic as a child and didn’t have power over my muscles in my throat. The muscles moved down here [points to bum].

Then it was the turn of Harry Styles (pictured above) to dip into the conversation. He revealed that The Standard in New York ‘has windows where you wee,’ which he reckons is ridiculous.

So there you have it, Clam fans – the best-selling band in the world. God help us.

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