As social media personality, Jake Paul has found increasing success in another form of entertainment – boxing – in recent months, he has become determined to find a big UFC star to be his next competitor. He has specifically set his sights on Jorge Masvidal, who garnered fame for his five-second knockout of Ben Askren in 2019, which is the fastest in UFC history.

In an effort to make the physical battle happen, Paul initiated an online spar with his fellow fighter on Monday. The YouTube star stated: “Let’s make it happen. Daddy Dana [White] just has to let you out of your contract. You work for the UFC, you’re a bitch.” The welterweight also offered Masvidal $5 million plus a cut of pay-per-view sales.

If he were to take part in Paul’s proposed fight, Masvidal would have to switch combat forms from MMA to boxing. He would also have to put in a lot of work to defeat Paul, who’s now 5-0 as a boxer. He has beaten former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley twice, most recently this past weekend, via knockout.

Masvidal seems intent on dealing his fellow fighter his first professional loss. In response to the former actor-singer’s proposal, the welterweight tweeted: “1. The UFC isn’t gonna let me go for chump change. 2. Make that 20 guaranteed plus PPV and I’m sure the UFC will be OK with it as long as I break them off their fee and then I’ll gladly break your face.”

Determined to work within his UFC parameters in order to fight Paul, the MMA star added: “If the UFC still says no because the money is still too low then come over to the UFC, sign a 1 fight deal and we can stipulate I can only box in the cage.” he also tweeted. “If I do anything other than that I will forfeit my purse to you. Come on over and get paid and laid out.”

As a growing draw in the boxing world, Paul is seeing an increase in the number of fighters and other athletes who want to fight him. Even ex-Jets running back Le’Veon Bell, who reportedly signed with the Tampa Buccaneers on yesterday, pending a physical, challenged Paul to a fight. However, the former actor-singer asked the NFL star to go through Woodley first.

Masvidal and Bell likely aren’t the last names that come up as potential opponents before Paul signs his next fight. Only time will tell who will prove to be up to the challenge to battle the controversial boxer.

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