Actress and activist Jane Fonda made a powerful statement during this year’s Cannes Film Festival, placing the blame for the climate change crisis squarely on men and systemic racism. Fonda, who has long been an advocate for climate change awareness, argued that dismantling the patriarchy and eradicating racism are crucial steps towards resolving the alleged epic proportions of this global issue.

In a conversation at the festival, Fonda emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating that humanity has a mere seven to eight years to significantly reduce fossil fuel consumption. She further highlighted the disproportionate impact of climate change on marginalized communities, particularly the Global South, island nations, and people of color who bear the brunt of its consequences. According to Fonda, it is a tragic reality that demands immediate action.

Fonda didn’t shy away from addressing her belief that men, specifically those in positions of power, are primarily responsible for perpetuating the climate crisis. She called for the arrest and imprisonment of these individuals, asserting that they are overwhelmingly male. By targeting men, she argued, society can effectively combat the root causes of the problem.

Moreover, Fonda drew a direct connection between racism and the climate crisis, stating that one cannot exist without the other. She contended that the hierarchical mindset of perceiving white men as the dominant group perpetuates the belief that their interests take precedence over everything else. According to her, this mindset fuels both systemic racism and environmental degradation, intertwining the two issues in a destructive symbiosis.

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