You gotta hand it to the Kardashian clan – when it comes to flashing the flesh they know how to make a headline.

Yesterday it was aspiring model Kendall Jenner’s turn to be in the limelight when she posed in a steamy fashion video while having her lingerie-clad butt spanked by Santa.

Cue cheesy jokes about filling stockings and coming down chimneys.

It might be crazy way to kick off the festive season, but hey who cares – after big sister Kim’s recent attempt to break the internet by posing nude with an oiled ass, you can’t blame the gal for wanting get in on the act.

But is it art or just another Kardashian conspiracy to sell us sexual imagery in exchange for fame? If you’re interested check out Love Magazine where you can see the Santa video for yourself. Be warned, it’s hotter than a roasted chilli pepper in hell, but it’s worth a look.

New York-based Kendall, 19, is one of several stars who are appearing in the magazine’s online advent calendar.

Kendall Jenner and Santa

The photos and video have caused the usual debate on social media about what’s ‘stunning’ and what’s not.

One unimpressed viewer told Mail Online: “Kendull is not a “stunning” anything, she’s better suited for the likes of magazines Hustler and Penthouse.”

Another offers a slightly more ‘balanced’ view, telling the website: “WOW, I would LAST MINUTES BEFORE I’D BE SCREAMING WITH ECSTACY INTO THE NIGHT LIKE A WILD WOLF!!”

Well, each to their own. Meanwhile if you want to keep up with celebrity news go to – where there are hundreds of free live TV channels and vodcasts to choose from, including TMZ Live (below)



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