Ginger Clam can understand any red-blooded man wanting to contact Kylie Jenner, she has an ass like Disney World. However, it seems that one horny loony bin has taken his lust to an unacceptable level.

The unnamed individual reportedly turned up at Jenner’s home for the tenth time yesterday. Law enforcement officials told TMZ that on this occasion he tried to force his way into the model’s property. Mr Crazy Pants was then arrested and locked up in a psychiatric hold.

It seems that Kylie’s body is truly hot enough to turn a man mental.

The attempted home invasion reportedly happened when young Jenner was at her Mom’s Christmas Eve party. Hollywood Life tweeted the details just hours later.

Finding an unwanted visitor in your festive stocking is never fun. Ginger Clam found David Hasselhoff hiding up hers last year.

In early December Kris Jenner also faced intruder problems. A man pretended to be a decorator and managed to get into Momma Kardashian’s office. She responded by firing ALL of her security team, according to The Inquisitor.

It sounds like all the Kardashians need for 2016 is some kick ass weapons, the last thing a burglar wants to face is Kanye with an Uzi.

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