2016 looks set to be a romantic year for Taylor ‘barely nipples’ Swift and Calvin ‘duller than ham’ Harris.

While you were eating reheated turkey and relaxing in front of the TV, Taylor and her lover man were posting incredible selfies of snowy adventures in Vali, Colorado.

The superstar couple are staying in a luxury rented home close by the city’s ski slopes. Swift’s family are also staying with the pair. Poor Calvin probably has to share a bath with his future mother-in-law.

T&C were spotted enjoying a romantic meal last night at Zach’s Cabin, a famous restaurant located on a mountain. Which sounds like a silly place to put a restaurant if you ask Ginger Clam.

Here are Taylor and Calvin showing off the boring snowman that they built. There is some stranger lying in front of them as well, but they don’t seem to have noticed.

Calvin is a bit like a snowman, he has no personality and will probably melt soon.

Bookmakers have shortened the odds on a Swift / Harris wedding happening in 2016. Ginger Clam is hitting the stores now to buy a new hat.

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