How does a woman react when she finds out the man she’s taken to bed literally can’t use his penis? Apparently, she doesn’t always mind.

We’ve heard some unusual things here at Ginger Clam but this story is one of the most eye-opening.

There’s a dude from Manchester in the UK called Andrew Wardle, 39, who has slept with over 100 women even though he doesn’t have a manhood. That’s right, he’s got no penis. Nada.

But he’s got balls we’ll give him that (no genuinely, he’s always had two functioning testicles). Andrew was born with his bladder outside his body, meaning no visible weener.

But after nearly 40 years, he’s finally getting one! Doctors aim to reconstruct a fully functioning penis formed from muscle and skin grafted from his forearm.

Andrew recently revealed his secret to bedding all those women, pre-penis. He said:  “I gave myself the perfect cover. I’d take girls to bed but tell them things could only go so far because I couldn’t rise to the occasion.”

We’re delighted for the guy and we hope the operation is success.  TLC features a full TV documentary on Andrew’s journey for a penis on June 11th!

The story has caused much debate online, including the following video from a blogger.

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