If you struggle choosing the right tie in the morning we’ve found exactly what you need, but only if you’re feeling ballsy.

Introducing the tie that looks like a pair of saggy testies.

In a simple yet funny prank, a man going by the name of Harry Balsek (Hair Ballsack if you don’t get it) went car shopping, equipped with the most disgusting looking accessory ever seen.

With a set of low swinging, hairy balls hanging around his neck Harry waits for car salesmen to approach him. However, when he turn around to introduce himself they get more of an eyesore than they might have expected.

Some of the sales people are more focused on eye contact, meaning it takes slightly longer for them to realise that exactly what he is wearing, but once they do notice the balls they do what every grown up does when they see a pair of testicles, they crack up with laughter.

Watch the clip below. Meanwhile, go to filmon.com for hundreds of online TV channels.

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