There’s nothing more fun than humiliating a groom-to-be during his bachelor party – whether it’s getting him blind drunk or making him look like an absolute dick-head.

Here at Ginger Clam we admire the creativity of a bunch of dudes from the UK, who reportedly took it upon themselves to glue the pubic hair of around 40 men onto the face of victim Mark Longley.

He was also gaffer taped to a wheelchair and forced to wear incontinence pants and clown shoes. Oh and he also had an array of male genitalia drawn all over his chest.

Best bud Steve, who organised the prank, posted: “He’s on a train … (with) a penis drawn on his chest and lots of strangers writing on him and has many of his friends’ pubes glued to his face.

“He’s also holding a cabbage that is his best friend for the weekend. If he drops it or puts it down he’s going to be doing forfeits. Personally I think he looks like a bit of a plonker.”

Watch the video below which shows an array of photos taken on what must been a memorable weekend.

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