Oh wowzers, the ink may have only dried on her divorce papers, but Mariah is wasting no time living it up… Vegas style, baby.

Carey rocked up at a Chippendales’ show at the Rio Casino on Friday night and brought the house down.

Being a superstar has perks, Mariah was spotted in the crowd and was dragged up on stage for a sordid lapdance with model Tyson Beckford. Honk honk.

We are delighted to know that checking out male strippers is the way that Mariah likes to unwind on an evening off. Ginger Clam does the same thing. Every damn night.

Beckford got a thrill when Carey rounded off his sexy routine by sticking some dollars into his pants. Hot stuff!

The gorgeous song warbler was plucked from the crowd and seated centre stage in a golden throne. She let Tyson do his business and admired his toned torso – Mariah even slapped the dude’s ass for good measure. Boom. The wet patch left on the throne must have been a sight to behold.

Mariah has just kicked off a residency at neighbouring Caesar’s Palace so Tyson will be able to hang out of, er, we mean with Tyson a lot more.

Carey shared her filthy treat on Instagram, saying: ‘Again, I’ve no idea how I got here!! @chippendales’.

Stay horny, Lady Carey, we salute your Ginger Clam.

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