Mariah ‘breasts are best’ Carey has decided to upgrade her hubby, from Nick ‘blank’ Cannon to James ‘billionaire, so ignore the face’ Packer. However, it seems that her ex just cannot cope with life minus Mariah.

Reports today suggest that Cannon has refused to sign off on divorce papers – a year after Mariah put the pen in his hand!

The couple split in August 2014 and Cannon was the one who filed for separation. However, single Cannon now seems to be dragging his heels on making the split official.

Clam thinks Cannon should let Mariah get her way, she loves a wedding – Packer’s will be her third. The billionaire has been married twice as well so it’s probably a match made in heaven / hell.

Last week Cannon posted a mysterious poem on Facebook with the revealing lines:

I can’t help but to fathom I’m to blame
As I scour the horizon I realize our pain
Our addiction to one another is impossible to kick

Cannon needs to get off the Carey and into something new and hairy. That’s just Clam’s opinion anyway.

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