Say it ain’t so! Reports from around the world are claiming the DJ has dumped Miss Swift!

We know celebrity break-ups are more common than an STD at a bachelor party but Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift‘s apparent split has come as a massive shock to fans!

Sky News reported that after 15-months of dating Calvin has called things off as a source says: “Taylor’s heart was more in it than he was” – count yourself lucky man!

Maybe the star’s recent car crash has had more of an impact on him than we first thought! Sort you’re head out dude and get this chick back!

The pop-princess is said to be devastated as well as her millions of fans … however a lot of social media users appear to be over excited with the new music that will come out of the split!

One giddy fan tweeted: “@ecarter1215: Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris broke up so what I’m hearing is that THE BREAKUP EXTRAVAGANZA ALBUM THAT WE DESERVE IS COMING”

Keep your ears peeled people, this could be a Grammy winner!

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