Hollywood icon Harrison Ford has been getting a few things off his chest ahead of the forthcoming release of the new Star Wars movie.

The 73-year-old veteran has revealed that he couldn’t wait to get back in the cockpit after crash-landing on a golf course earlier this year.

Harrison, you may recall, was stretchered away after ditching his WW2 plane on a green in Santa Monica earlier this year.

He told the Daily Mirror: “Maybe I am stupid, but I haven’t changed anything. I still love flying.

“I started flying as soon as I could get back in my cockpit. I had a cast on my right leg but my toes were hanging out so I could put my toes over the pedals and fly. I’ve been flying ever since.”

Harrison, who returns to his role as Han Solo (pictured above) in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (released later this month) adds: “The Millennium Falcon never breaks and you can put it down anywhere. It was the one that I put on a golf course that disappointed me. The Millennium Falcon is infallible.”

Thank f*** for that, eh Clam fans?

* Watch the trailer for the new Star Wars film below and in the meantime go to FilmOn.com, where there are hundreds of free TV channels to view.

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