It’s natural for a mother to protect her son – and that occasionally means turning up the heat.

Here at Ginger Clam we’ve been pissing our pants with laughter at a hilarious viral video in which a son pranks his mom into believing he’s just had a huge tattoo put onto his arm.

Not the world’s greatest sin, you might think – but it’s the kinda thing that’s easily capable of driving a God-fearing parent crazy.

When the mom sees the fake tattoo the resulting mayhem from YouTube channel Comedy Shorts Gamer is hilarious. The woman cuffs her son around the side of his head and chases him around the kitchen. And when she finds out it’s a prank there’s more hell to pay.

Mom, we love you.

Watch the video below and for more crazy shit head to, the antisocial network where there are thousands of great videos plus live TV.


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