Karma is about to make a humble security guard very wealthy indeed.

M’Bathonha Mendes (sounds like a hero security name to us) rescued half a million pounds worth of Simon Cowell’s jewels from a thief who had broken into the lego-haired star’s home.

The extraordinary story started to unfold in the early hours of Saturday morning. An intruder smashed their way into Cowell’s London mansion and made off with a stunning haul.

However, the creepy burglar was not expecting the attentions of Superman Mendes. The big dude spotted the thief running away and decided to go ninja on his ass.

The hero revealed:

“It was around 1.50am and I was between patrols. I saw this guy walking at the end of the street with a big bag under his arm.

He had a woolly hat almost covering his face and looked really suspicious. It also clicked with me he matched the ­description of a burglar who had robbed a house on the same street a few weeks before.

I noticed that as he was walking ­something dropped behind him. I got out of the car and picked it up. It was a passport with Simon Cowell’s picture.”

At that point, the guard, who was working on a neighbouring property in the same street, turned into an action man.

He revealed:

“The adrenaline just kicked in. He was trying to get something out of the bag and I ran up to him, put my hand on his shoulder and said, ‘wait a second’. He jumped and then dropped the bag and ran. Fear is my friend.”

Fear does not seem to be the friend of the security guard at Cowell’s residence. That dude was in the toilet when the thief struck!

Mendes continued:

“I went to Mr Cowell’s house and waited there. I met security and asked if he noticed anything out of the ordinary. He said he’d been to the toilet. I told him what had happened. He was shocked and hadn’t a clue the house had been burgled.”

Now it looks like Cowell is set to reward the hero guard for his bravery. “He has phoned my boss and wants to meet me,” Mendes revealed.

The superstar pop mogul was asleep upstairs as the intruder crept around his home and is said to be shaken up by the experience.

The whole episode reminds Ginger Clam of the time Cowell caught her wearing his underpants while hiding in the high-trousered star’s bathroom cabinet. The only punishment that time was a light spanking and some nipple clamping.

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