We’ve heard of some strange ways of commuting –  but this is f***ing crazy! Either this kid is off his rocker, or he’s been playing Subway Surfer far too much.

Daredevil Pasha Bumchik, 18, from Russia was clearly sick of catching the subway like the average citizen, so he decided to jump on top of a train instead!

Bumchik (that’s surely the best surname we’ve ever heard) took the time to film his mini adventure from start to finish, which includes him successfully avoiding a perplexed security guard.

The footage starts to get interesting about two-minutes into the clip, when he jumps onto a train roof. People watch in amazement as the adrenaline junkie leaps over carriages. This is one ballsy guy and we’re sure looking forward to his next stunt … maybe Mr Bumchick will try dodge a plane fare in similar style!

* Watch the clip below – and for more crazy shit go to BattleCam.com, where there are thousands of videos to watch plus live interactive TV.

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