He can sometimes come across as a massive slime ball, but this little viral video actually shows Cristiano Ronaldo to be a fairly decent guy.

The FIFA Ballon d’Or Player of the Year gets dressed up as a street performer equipped with a football, a chair and a cute little puppy. He then sets up camp in Plaza de Callao in Madrid where he starts showing off his skills.

Ronaldo spent hours filming the clip where he takes on pedestrians, nutmegs people as they walk past and attempts to get a girl’s phone number.

While passing the ball back and forth with a kid, he suddenly stops and starts signing the football. The child looks bemused, but is delighted when the Real Madrid star takes off his fake facial hair, his sunglasses and his wig.

A massive crowd of people then ambush the superstar once they find out that it’s him, and he is quickly escorted away. The resulting video is now going like a storm on social media.

Watch the video below. Meanwhile, got to Filmon.com for hundreds of free online TV channels.

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