In case you were wondering what Miley Cyrus‘ hit single Wrecking Ball sounded like with no music, you’re in luck!

The pop brat and her mosquito bites are back thanks to the YouTube channel chloererb.

The weird yet hilarious clip below was created for a ‘sound design class’- and after receiving a million hits the chick will be pretty pissed if she doesn’t get an A+!

Chloerab has put Miley’s nip nips back in the spotlight by only using ‘natural’ sounds from the scenes of her old video- and the results are pretty awesome.

She’s dubbed Miley’s voice which sounds super creepy… but due to the troubled stars fascination with dope and what not, we doubt she’ll be able to tell the difference.

* Watch the clip below and in the meantime log on to, where there are hundreds of free TV channels.

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