The only thing that Ginger Clam likes more than Rihanna is Rihanna’s boobs. Thus, we’re delighted to report that her love puppies have been out barking and on full display.

Some very clever photographer had a super-zoom on his ding dong and managed to see what was going on in the Bajan pop star’s new video this week: lots of breast action.

The sneaky images show Rihanna parading around in a thong, see-through gown and pointy nip-nips.

For some reason the star is also holding a gun. We presume that is so she can shoot anyone that tries to get a touch of her assets.

If you’re feeling firsky you can take a peek at the snaps here, courtesy of the Mirror.

Rihanna is in the middle of a 72-date world tour and caused a recent sensation on her Miami date. Rumoured boyfriend Drake joined her for a horny dance session in front of shocked fans. It even made Ginger Clam blush.

British fans are excited to see Rihanna wrap up her world tour when she headlines the V Festival in Chelmsford. Le’s hope she brings her boobies with her.

In the meantime log onto where there are hundreds of free TV channels to watch. 

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