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Whether it reminds you more of Star Wars or rapper Tupac Shakur’s resurrection at Coachella in 2012, holograms helped turn the tide in favor of a candidate intent on modernizing India in the recent election. As many as 14 million people viewed the live hologram appearances by Narendra Modi nation wide.

Finally what seems like an incredibly grueling election process came to an end today.  It’s been called the world’s largest democratic exercise and a record 66 percent of the country’s 814 million voters went to the polls over a six week period. The hardest working man throughout the long months of campaigning was Modi, and his message of bringing the country into the 21st century in business and tech was appropriately spread nationwide by this booming new technology.

Modi led the most ambitious election campaign India has ever seen, inspiring massive numbers of volunteers to mobilize across the nation and running a 24-hour war room that dominated social media . He traveled thousands of miles in person–but most startling was his use of hologram appearances to get his message out in a startling, vital fashion.

Modi made the appearances via hologram technology supplied by Musion–the inventor of Eyeliner, the highest quality hologram device available today–and the team that incorporated 2500 local workers and a team of 20 from Musion created thousands of appearances. (Musion has been in the news in America and the U.K. lately because of its partnership with Alki David‘s FilmOn and his projects involving Amy WinehouseAudi’s MIA and Janelle Monae party and his lawsuit against Cirque du Soleil for their Michael Jackson show’s unauthorized used of the technology.)

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The candidate was able to make multiple live appearances per day from his headquarters, at some points as many as 88 simultaneous speeches were given, in cities across India.

A BJP spokesman, Prakash Javadekar, told Businessweek that his high-end estimate for audience numbers at all the Modi hologram rallies combined added up to at least 14 million people. The effect of Modi projected into towns across the nation came with its own potency, he said, “just like the Hindu mythology where the God was omnipresent. So he is everywhere.”

Modi tested Musion’s hologram technology before, according to the company’s owners Giovanni Palma and Uwe Mass. (Mass invented the technology.) During preliminary elections in Gujarat, he staged as many as 55 simultaneous live talks. In Beverly Hills, CA, FilmOn has opened a demonstration studio for execs in advertising, marketing, entertainment, and political campaigns, to experience the technology.

The equipment list for this undertaking alone is staggering: over 30,000 square meters of the Musion patented holographic projection foil; 200 Christie 20k and 14k projectors; 400 satellite dishes; 5,500 metres of trusses, 1,300 lights; 500 audio speakers; 200 sound mixers and power amps; and 14,000 metres of speaker and power cables.

“It was the most challenging production we have ever staged,” Palma told TV Mix. “And overall the campaign was a resounding success which we are all very proud of.”

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The Semsex, India’s stock market soared on the news and the value of the rupee jumped in international markets. Modi now has to show he can fulfill his campaign promises to jump-start the economy, create jobs and restart stalled infrastructure projects.

Concerns about Modi’s Hindu nationalist leanings and his failure to stop deadly religious riots in the state he ran a decade ago did not stop his march to overwhelming victory.

According to Twitter India, Modi dominated 20 percent of all election-related chatter on Twitter, with 11.1 million mentions between January and May. In comparison, Gandhi was featured in only 2 percent of Twitter conversations about elections, or 1.3 million mentions for the same period.

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